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Tollefson Swimming has been instructing and training athletes in the water for 24 years and we look forward to working with your swimmers. The first step is for us to observe your swimmers in the water to be able to place them in the proper class for stroke instruction. Please contact us for an appointment.

Tollefson Swimming is a comprehensive swim program, the core of which is our passion for technique and efficient swimming.

Tollefson Swimming has six major components (see home page):

Small (no more than 3 swimmers) in-water-instructed classes with the instructor in the water for beginning swimmers where the swimmer learns water safety, breathing, proper head and body position, and efficient movements of arms and legs.

Small (no more than 6 swimmers) stroke and technique deck-coached classes for intermediate and advanced swimmers where each swimmer learns the fundamentals of stroke mechanics and age-appropriate advanced swimming techniques in the four competitive strokes, starts, turns, and finishes.

Training/endurance classes where each swimmer practices skills recently learned in stroke and technique classes and gains strength and conditioning. Adult stroke and technique classes, as well.

Master swimming.

Team TOLL, a competitive swim team, member of Potomac Valley Swimming and USA Swimming, age-appropriate practices, and participation in PVS/USA Swimming meets.

In our stroke mechanics and technique classes we place each swimmer in a small group of similarly skilled swimmers. The focus of our classes is to teach individuals, no matter how young or old, no matter the level of skill, efficient swim techniques in a non-competitive environment. Swimmers learn proper stroke mechanics, dives, starts, turns, finishes, and related skills through drill, and then we master each skill before advancing to the next skill. We focus initially on breathing, head position, body position, and then movements of the legs, feet, arms, and hands. We address each stroke separately in steps and in a logical order leading to the complete stroke.

When swimmers master properly executed strokes, we then offer a complete training program, which supports and reinforces the correct stroke technique through our training/endurance classes. We train a broad range of swimmers from beginners and recreational swimmers to seasonal MCSL and CCSL swimmers, high school competitors, USA Swimming Team members, adults, tri-athlete, and seasoned master swimmers. People succeed when they learn and practice proper technique with continued support and guidance.

Our program runs all year long. Our training site is the new pool at Georgetown Preparatory School. Every swimmer attends one stroke class per week and many choose additional training/endurance workouts. Each swimmer is unique and motivated by different goals. We would be delighted to discuss with you a program that is best for your swimmer.

After many years of providing the best stroke instruction available, in 2010 Tollefson Swimming established Team TOLL, a competitive team and member of Potomac Valley Swimming and USA Swimming. Team TOLL practices and competes in area swim meets in all age groups. All practices are at Georgetown Prep. Participation is by approval of the coaches.

Please contact us for more information and to set up a meeting/assessment.

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