TOLL Coaching Positions

Tollefson Swimming seeks qualified and experienced senior and age-group coaches for our TOLL 2017-2018 season starting in September, 2017.  We are expanding the number of practice groups and our coaching staff.

Tollefson Swimming’s priorities are safety, learning, fun, and competition.  Physical and emotional safety for all is our number one concern.  Swimmers, parents, and coaches who feel safe and comfortable in a welcoming environment will be able to focus on the fun, satisfaction, and rewards of swimming.

We believe successful swimming is the result of proper technique and strategies in practice and at meets.  We concentrate on every swimmer learning fundamental and detail techniques, and then practicing them.

Swimming is supposed to be fun.  For our younger swimmers we emphasize the enjoyment of being in the pool.  As swimmers develop and mature, fun comes from accomplishment and satisfaction in the water.  Social activities throughout the year in every practice group play an important part of the TOLL experience.

TOLL swimmers learn the joy of competition and how competition can motivate and teach us many life skills.  Competition will naturally flow from our emphasis on safety, learning, and fun.

If you seek to become a part of our exciting growth and development as a TOLL coach, please contact John Tollefson at or 703-447-8494.

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